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September 14, 2022

Bartlett and the State Attorney's P.O. Box

Bartlett and the State Attorney's P.O. Box

If you review the list of campaign contributors to Bruce Bartlett's campaign for his bid as State Attorney, you will find a number of individuals who use the official mailing address of the State Attorney as their own address. These individuals include a teacher, retired individuals, and other people. (See List of Contributors; This list is also available as a table in the previous post, “Supporters of Corruption”).

What gives Bruce Bartlett and some of his supporters the right to use a publically paid for address as their own address is unknown.

The people of Pinellas County paid for this P.O. Box. It is the official mailing address for the State Attorney and should be used for only official business, not used for Bartlett's political campaign and aspirations, his own personal business, and Bartlett should not allow other people to use it to perpetrate a fraud by using it as their own address or making it appear that it is their address when it is not.

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