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September 14, 2022

New Documents Received

New Documents Received

When I make a request for or subpoena documents I phrase the request in such a way that it produces any and all documents related to the life of the witness and their friends and relatives, incident or event. This could be for criminal records; police reports; investigative reports, narratives, mental impressions and final outcomes; driver's license applications and histories; property records; vehicle records; voter registrations; employment, social media sites and posts and etc. These types of requests produce all sorts of documents including documents that are not even related to me but are related to things the State's witnesses have done throughout their lives and the lives of their friends and relatives by themselves and with other people. This then leads to speaking with witnesses and requests for yet more documents.

While it is fairly easy for me to do an investigation (by myself and with an investigator) because I know what the witnesses are lying about, it takes time to do so as one document or witness will lead to another that has to be investigated and followed up on. This process repeats again and again as the investigation gets wider and wider, producing more witnesses who may have seen, heard or know something and more documents that contain more nuggets of information, some relevant to the case and some not. All are embarrassing to the witnesses and will be included in the book, Stratagems of the Devil.

My investigation was slowed during the last two plus years because of the pandemic, as some businesses, departments and agencies were closed or short-staffed. This caused a large backlog of requests for information and documents made by me and other people to these entities. I am now just getting responses to some of my requests that were made over three years ago.

A group of new documents that I recently received is going to be devastating to some of the State’s witnesses and the State’s case. I cannot go into details about these documents because I do not want to spill the beans to the State or its witnesses as to what the documents are, what they disclose or how they impact the witnesses even though I need to furnish some of them to the State Attorney.

The investigation continues, deepens, and gets more interesting as it produces yet more embarrassing information on some of these witnesses.

The State Attorney and his witnesses will eventually come to realize that I have opened a can of worms that they are going to wish was better off left closed. 

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