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February 27, 2022

State Attorney Retaliates Over Website

State Attorney, Wellpath Recovery Solutions, Retaliate Over Website Just another example of how crooked Bruce Bartlett really is

Bruce Bartlett, the State Attorney for the Sixth Judicial Circuit for Pasco and Pinellas County, Florida, and Robert Jakovich, the corporate attorney for Wellpath Recovery Solutions, Deerfield Beach, Florida have retaliated against Gary Perrot over his website, The website promotes Mr. Perrot’s upcoming spectacular new tell-all book, Stratagems of the Devil: How Florida Prosecutors Created and Used Some of the Most Dangerous MeToo False Accusers in the World.

Stratagems of the Devil is a tell-all book, designed to educate the public about corrupt prosecutors and MeToo false accusers. The website and book expose the previous State Attorney for the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida, Bernie McCabe, the current State Attorney, Bruce Bartlett, and some of the current and former assistant state attorneys as being dirty, crooked and corrupt. The website and book also expose Mr. Perrot’s former wives and girlfriends as liars and MeToo false accusers, and sets forth how prosecutors conspired with those individuals to manufacture false evidence of kidnapping and rape in order to convict Perrot of sexual battery in a criminal case, and how Bruce Bartlett is now using those individuals and that false testimony in an attempt to civilly commit Perrot indefinitely as a sexually violent predator.

The State Attorney and Wellpath Recovery Solutions Ambush Mr. Perrot with a Dog & Pony Show

On November 10, 2021 Mr. Perrot was summoned to the attorney-client visitation area of the Florida Civil Commitment Center at Arcadia, Florida where Perrot has been confined, awaiting trial, to determine whether or not he is a sexually violent predator. (See FCCC @ Wellpath Website). There, Perrot appeared via Zoom before Judge Paul Levine who is presiding over Perrot’s civil commitment case. Mr. Perrot is representing himself in that case and received no motion or other pleading and received no written notice of any proceeding scheduled to take place.

Present was State Attorney Bruce Bartlett via his assistant, Christie Ellis, and Robert Jakovich, the corporate attorney for Wellpath Recovery Solutions, Deerfield Beach, Florida. Wellpath is the private corporation contracted by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) to operate the FCCC. Neither Jakovich or Wellpath are a party to the commitment proceeding. (See Wellpath Recovery Solutions website). Jon Carner, the Wellpath Security Director for the FCCC, was also present as was Jeanine Cohen, Mr. Perrot’s standby counsel.

It turned out that this was a Dog & Pony Show by Ambush apparently orchestrated by Jakovich, who apparently conspired with State Attorney Bartlett, to complain to Judge Levine about Mr. Perrot’s website in an attempt to prejudice the Judge against Perrot.

Jakovich started the hearing by telling Judge Levine that Mr. Perrot had started a website and went to great lengths to “name the victims of his sexual assault cases from the past. And it’s been taken as a form of harassment.”

Jakovich stated that he learned from the State Attorney that there were complaints to the State Attorney by the victims who feel like they’re being victimized again through the website. Jakovich then admitted that he set the hearing with the court because he wanted to “cooperate” with the court. Exactly what kind of “cooperation” Jakovich wanted to engage in was not made clear.

Jakovich then told Judge Levine “we” believe a lot of his outgoing legal mail has been directed to third parties with instructions to post various things that have been taken to be harassing to the victims and which may be illegal and which is also contrary to FCCC protocol in terms of treatment and therapy. Jakovich stated that they do not allow residents to draw lewd narratives of what they did with their victims and post it online. Jakovich said that they “will be opening Mr. Perrot’s mail and examining it to make sure it doesn’t harass anybody or violate any laws.”

Jakovich then complained about the amount of legal work Mr. Perrot has and that they would be directing Mr. Perrot to “reduce all of his paper files, which are taking up an entire office.”

Jakovich went on to state that “Mr. Perrot basically had total unlimited right to do computer research and stuff which we will now be limiting to double the time that other residents have.”

Judge Levine asked if Jakovich knew who these third parties are that made the website?

Mr. Perrot tried to object to the hearing on the grounds that he had received no motion or other pleading regarding the hearing and had not even received any notice about the hearing or what the hearing was to be about and thus, was unprepared to defend himself concerning any of the issues being raised. When Mr. Perrot tried to object Judge Levine told Mr. Perrot, “Mr. Perrot, how about you shutting your mouth until we are ready for you?” Judge Levine went on to state that this sounds like an “emergency situation.”

Emergency situation or not Mr. Perrot is entitled to proper notice and opportunity to be heard.

However, Jeanine Cohen, Mr. Perrot’s standby counsel, was able to raise an objection. Apparently, members of the Good Ole’ Boy Network of the Florida Bar can speak whenever they want without being told to keep their mouth shut.

Jon Carner told Judge Levine that residents of the FCCC have no Internet access, that Mr. Perrot has 25 boxes of legal work and that this “far exceeds a safe amount of physical property” and that “this is a fire marshal order for a safe standard that we are held to here at the Center.” It was not made clear what a “safe amount” of property was nor what fire codes were being violated.

The legal work issue before Judge Levine appears to be in direct response to a letter dated October 4, 2021 that Mr. Perrot sent to Carner concerning his legal boxes wherein Mr. Perrot stated,

“Pursuant to the posting in the dormitory issued by DCF with the heading which reads, Your Rights While Receiving Mental Health Services, and under the subheading of Clothing and Personal Effects it states,

‘You have the right to keep your clothing and personal-belongings unless they are removed for safety or medical reasons.

‘If your belongings are taken from you, an inventory of the items will be prepared and given to you to sign. Your items will be returned to you or your representative upon your discharge or transfer from this facility.’

“Pursuant to Wellpath’s contract with DCF, Wellpath’s policies and procedures cannot conflict with those of DCF’s. Thus, as the above statement of rights makes clear, I have a right to have Wellpath store my property until I am released. That includes my legal work.

“A simple mandamus petition can force DCF’s and Wellpath’s compliance with your own rules which DCF has designated as my rights. I do not, however, see the need for more legal action. I hope you agree. I have enough on my plate as it is. Aside from this, as you know, I already have a court order mandating I be allowed to maintain my legal work.”

Apparently Jakovich and Carner were trying to bring the legal work issue before Judge Levine in hopes that Judge Levine would order Mr. Perrot to reduce his legal work, and as a way to circumvent the policies of DCF and Wellpath’s responsibility to store all of Mr. Perrot property until he is released.

It did not work.

Judge Levine did not order Mr. Perrot to do anything regarding his legal work or the amount of legal work that Mr. Perrot possesses. In fact, it looks like the legal work issue backfired right into the face of Jakovich. One reason is because back in 2015 Judge Levine issued an order directing that Mr. Perrot was to be able to maintain and have access to his legal work. The Judge was unlikely to reverse his own order.

Carner next addressed the issue of mail, telling Judge Levine that Mr. Perrot is “under likely false pretense alleging that the content of all of his mail going out of here is legal in nature,” and “we suspect that he’s used some of this specially provided electronic media to send out things to affect this website that he has on.” Carner went on to imply that Mr. Perrot may still have found a way to access the Internet and that this would have been a criminal act.

Carner told Judge Levine that he had Mr. Perrot moved to special management to figure out if Perrot had accessed the Internet from inside the facility. What Carner neglected to tell Judge Levine was that Mr. Perrot was placed into a single man concrete cell, 24 hours per day for eight days, and deprived of all of his property, including his legal work while he was in there.

Assistant State Attorney Christie Ellis stated that the State Attorney had been notified “by the victims - the underlying victims that they had done a Google search of Mr. Perrot’s name and they found the website that details very explicit sexual encounters with them.”

Ellis never told Judge Levine that had the State Attorney accepted one of Mr. Perrot’s three offers to settle the case that the book and website would never have materialized.

Ellis went on to state that, “it had their exact names on the website and also had photographs. They were, obviously, extremely distraught and concerned. They reached out to us and we were concerned that he was getting some sort of Internet access. So, we did call the FCCC and they started their investigation.”

The only two individuals thus far actually named on Perrot’s website were Elizabeth George-Baker and Juanita Meek-Sellars. Both were identified as kinky sex partners, liars and false accusers by Perrot. Ellis did not say who was the first to discover the website. Exactly why one or both of them was doing a Google search on Mr. Perrot was not made clear.

That investigation was missing a key component however. No one ever spoke to Mr. Perrot and asked him a single question about what he had done, why he did it, or how he did it.

Ellis then told Judge Levine that she “would like to handle this through administrative means like they’re proposing to the court.” She also told Judge Levine that the State may seek a protective order and was “looking at all our options as far as getting that website and the harassment of the victims of that taken down.” Ellis did not elaborate on exactly how she planned to have the website taken down nor how she would overcome the issue of “prior restraint” and violating Mr. Perrot’s First Amendment rights.

Handling the matter “administratively” however could deprive Mr. Perrot of all his constitutional protections and would be a way for State Attorney Bruce Bartlett to circumvent the legal process and have Wellpath and the FCCC punish Mr. Perrot for the exercise of a federally protected constitutional right. This would have significant ramifications because Bartlett is running for State Attorney. (See Bartlett’s campaign website). If Bartlett could have Jakovich or Carner handle his dirty work against Mr. Perrot for him, Bartlett could keep his hands clean.

Ellis stated that the website is a “manifesto” and that Mr. Perrot “is writing a book and he’s proposing this as chapters of a book of the experiences he’s had with both.” Ellis complained that Mr. Perrot was “using their exact names, photographs, everything’s online.” She also stated that “we did find that it is unlawful to publish or broadcast information identifying a sexual offense victim.”

Ellis told Judge Levine that the State was looking at prosecuting Mr. Perrot criminally and looking to file for a protective order to stop the harassment of the victims.

At no time did Ellis or Jakovich ever tell Judge Levine that the website and book was really about how the State Attorney’s Office was dirty, crooked and corrupt; how prosecutors created the liars and MeToo false accusers that prosecutors were alleging were victims; how Mr. Perrot was backing up what he said with documentation; and how Perrot had no choice but to expose his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends as liars and false accusers in order to expose Bartlett and his staff as dirty, crooked and corrupt.

It appeared Jakovich and Ellis was doing nothing more than conspiring to prejudice Judge Levine against Perrot.

According to post hearing statements by Perrot, he does not even mark his legal mail as such and does not need to use legal mail to send anything out of the facility.

Perrot could have sent material out by regular U.S. Mail as no outgoing mail is inspected by the facility before it is mailed according to the FCCC handbook. In fact, all outgoing mail is sealed by FCCC residents before being placed in the mailbox. The reason for this is simple: The residents of the FCCC are not prisoners, they are civilians. Jakovich knows this. His claims to Judge Levine were thus bogus and misleading.

Mr. Perrot could have used other means to get his material out of the facility. For instance, Perrot could have simply used the telephone. Voice recognition and dictation software would have been, and is, an easy way for Perrot to have his material recorded and posted on the Internet.

It was clear that Jakovich was grasping at straws and simply trying to come up with reasons to prejudice the judge against Perrot by making the judge believe that Perrot was doing something nefarious to get whatever was being posted on his website out of the facility.

In fact Perrot was doing no such thing.

In the end it would have made no difference how Perrot got his material out of the facility. Jakovich, Bartlett and Ellis all know that Perrot completed his criminal sentence, is not on any kind of probation, and that he is considered a civilian. They all also know that Perrot can legally have a website, write a book, and write articles for publication; things none of them can do anything about whether they want to or not.

Mr. Perrot was finally able to address Judge Levine. Perrot told Judge Levine, “I’ve done nothing wrong. The website is completely legal. There’s nothing wrong with that website, absolutely nothing.”

Judge Levine responded, “That’s your conclusion. That’s your conclusion.”

Maybe it was because Mr. Perrot had received no notice about the hearing, or maybe it was because there was no motion filed, but Judge Levine refused to allow Wellpath to censor any of Perrot’s mail, refused to allow Wellpath dispose of any of Mr. Perrot’s legal work, and refused to enter any other kind of order against Mr. Perrot.


Unintended Consequences

As a result of the complaints to State Attorney Bruce Bartlett by Meek/Sellars and George/Baker, Bartlett contacting the FCCC, and Mr. Perrot being thrown into confinement word has spread about Perrot’s website faster than the coronavirus beginning with the staff at the FCCC. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of hits to Perrot’s website and that has resulted in the website moving higher on the ladder of results when you Google Perrot’s name. Now more people know that Perrot is publicly calling Bruce Bartlett corrupt and publicly calling Meek/Sellars and George/Baker liars and false accusers.

“Sometimes even dumbasses can do something beneficial for me,” said Perrot after the hearing. “Meek and George should have kept their mouths shut. But I’ll take all the free publicity I can get.”


Questionable bedfellows

Perrot’s website and upcoming new, spectacular, tell-all book could also call into question the entire civil commitment program. This may be a reason why Jakovich did not want Mr. Perrot exposing the State’s witnesses as liars and false accusers and writing lewd narratives about the sexual escapades he shared with Meek/Sellars and George/Baker, which detailed threesomes and sexual fantasies of Meek/Sellars and threesomes and wife swapping involving George/Baker.

It would also seem that Jakovich and Wellpath was simply embarrassed by Perrot exercising his First Amendment Rights while confined to a sex offender treatment facility. But Perrot is neither committed nor in treatment and it is doubtful that Jakovich, Wellpath and the State Attorney could prohibit Mr. Perrot from writing a tell-all book even if he was committed and in treatment, especially one that is true and is backed up with documentation.

Perrot exposed Pinellas County prosecutors as corrupt and exposed his former wives and girlfriends, who claimed to be rape victims, as liars and false accusers. The reason for Wellpath’s embarrassment could also be based, at least in part, because Wellpath and some of its corporate officers and employees have, throughout the years, contributed heavily to elected officials’ campaigns and to organizations that support tough sex offender laws, civil commitment and sex offense victim’s rights, and have hired lobbyists to lobby Florida Legislators to support favorable positions of these corporations and individuals.

One such elected official is Lauren Book, a Florida State Senator and professional sex abuse victim. (See  Book's Senate website and Book's campaign website). Book’s father, Ron Book, is a powerful Tallahassee lobbyist and attorney in Southern Florida. GEO and Correct Care Solutions - now Wellpath - has hired Ron Book in the past as one of its lobbyists.

Lauren Book has had many financial contributors in her bids for election. Correct Care Solutions, now Wellpath Recovery Solutions and some of its employees from at least the corporate headquarters in Nashville, TN, former state senator Alex Villalobos, who was the co­ sponsor of the Jimmy Ryce Act for civil commitment of sex offenders, and many other individuals have contributed heavily to Lauren Book’s campaigns. (See Book Campaign Treasurer’s Report).

Ron Book is also the President of Lauren’s Kids. Lauren’s Kids is a non-profit organization that supports children who have been sexually abused. The organization was started by Lauren Book after she was allegedly sexually abused for some six years by a nanny who was hired by Lauren’s father, Ron. Once Lauren came forward with her allegations of abuse, Ron Book started lobbying Tallahassee Legislators heavily for tougher sex offender sentencing laws, civil commitment, and tougher registration laws of sex offenders on behalf of such private companies such as GEO, Correct Care and now Wellpath, who have interests in the prison and civil commitment arenas.

Lauren Book, as a professional victim, has made a number of visits to the Florida Civil Commitment Center while promoting her charity. One such visit was to accompany a reporter to interview a number of FCCC residents, including Mr. Perrot, for Newsweek Magazine.

Newsweek used aliases for the residents interviewed for the article. Mr. Perrot’s alias was “Donald.” Perrot was the only resident to speak out against civil commitment in this heavily slanted article in favor of Book, her charity and civil commitment. (See Newsweek article, "The Hunt for Child Sex Abusers Is Happening in the Wrong Places"). The other two residents interviewed were released not long after publication of the article. Perrot, not surprisingly, continues to be detained.

Imagine that.

Senator Book has been promoting her own agenda since being elected, also working on tougher sex offender laws while, at the same time, obtaining millions in taxpayer dollars through legislative appropriations for her Lauren’s Kids charity.

Book is paid $29,697 as a senator. Her salary from Lauren’s Kids reportedly went from $68,000 to over $200,000 since being elected. Lauren’s Kids has received millions of dollars in taxpayer money directly through Florida legislative appropriations. But in the past few years the millions of dollars being appropriated for Lauren’s Kids has reportedly been secretly funded through the Department of Education through grants made to “Safer, Smarter Schools,” the name of Lauren’s Kids curriculum. As a result, the annual list of state-funded charities in the final appropriations bill no longer identified Lauren’s Kids as receiving any funds.

Book’s Lauren’s Kids charity also reportedly rakes in money from the sale of specialty license plates from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Lauren’s Kids collects $25 from each specialty plate and the DMV allows the charity to insert into each auto tag renewal notice mailed to more than 6 million vehicle owners, a request asking for public donations. In 2019 Lauren’s Kids received some $536,000 from the DMV. (See Floridians for Freedom Website story, “New Senate Democrat Leader Lauren Book has conflict of interest as Republicans quietly shower taxpayer millions on her charity” citing the Florida Bulldog article.)

Together the Ron and Lauren show have made Florida one of the worst states for sex offenders in the nation resulting in many Florida sex offenders becoming homeless; living under bridges and in fields across the state, and unable to find work even in this present economy hurting for workers. Meanwhile Ron and Lauren rake in millions in taxpayer money. (See Newsweek story, “The Lobbyist Who Put Sex Offenders Under a Bridge”).

Ron Book has a criminal past himself which almost caused him to lose his license to practice law. (See Miami New Times, Longform, Crime & Politics by Jim Defede, 11/9/1995; and see also Miami New Times column, “Dear Chief Justice: Throw the Book at Him,” 7/10/97). Book’s latest run-in with law enforcement was over an auto accident where Book, driving his Lamborghini, crashed into another car allegedly causing that car to roll over multiple times injuring its driver. (See The Buzz story, “Florida Lobbyist Ron Book arrested on DUI charges after Lamborghini crash”). A police dashcam video of Book following the accident shows Book unable to pass a field sobriety test. (You can watch the Dash Cam video for yourself:

Police Dash Cam Video of Sobriety Test of Lobbyist Ron Book

or view it here on CBS's site.)

Book then allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test. (See Miami New Times story, “Ultra-Powerful Miami Lobbyist Ron Book Arrested for Alleged DUI”). Ronald Stagger-Lee Book, as he has since become known, was subsequently arrested and charged with a number of counts of DUI.

He recently pled down the more serious DUI charges to reckless driving, which amounts to just a light slap on the wrist. He now faces a civil lawsuit filed by the driver of the other car. (See Tampa Bay Times story, “Prominent Florida Lobbyist Ron Book pleads to reckless driving” and also the Floridians for Freedom Website, story, “Ronald Stagger-Lee Book gets slap on wrist for nearly killing a man while drunk”).

For years Lauren Book has advocated for the public sex offense registry, even though her abuser was a female nanny with no prior sex offense conviction. Imagine Book’s complete surprise when her own children’s pediatrician was arrested for possession of child pornography and online solicitation of a minor charges while Book was promoting her charity tagline, “95% of sexual abuse is preventable,” a phrase which she apparently pulls out of her derriere.

There is simply no evidence to support that 95% of sexual abuse is preventable, just like there is no evidence to support that sex offender registries lower the risk to the public, that sex offenders have one of the highest rates of recidivism, or that civil commitment and treatment work to lower the rate of recidivism. In fact, as demonstrated by the Book children’s pediatrician’s arrest for child pornography and online solicitation of a minor charges, most sex offenses are committed by people not on the registry. And as research has repeatedly shown, sex offenders do not have a high recidivism rate - they have one of the lowest, and civil commitment with treatment does nothing but waste taxpayer money while making psychologists rich. But if Senator Book acknowledged or promoted such a stance neither she nor her father would be able to rake in millions in taxpayer dollars.

Late last year NBC2 News reported that a South Florida teen was charged with extorting

Senator Lauren Book with explicit photographs. Nineteen year old Jeremy Kamperveen of Plantation was arrested on charges of extortion and cyberstalking.

According to Book, she was a victim of sexual harassment and extortion. Book says she was sent “threatening and disturbing images and messages to my phone, including distorted, fake and stolen images created in an effort to threaten and extort me.”

Book contacted law enforcement after she was sent ‘several explicit photos” and threatened to ruin her political career by releasing them to the public. It was not made clear if any of the explicit photos were legitimate.

After an undercover agent took over communication and agreed to pay a negotiated

$4,000 in cash in exchange for watching the person delete the photos, a meeting was set up where agents arrested Kamperveen. (See NBC2 News story, "South Florida teen charged with extorting Sen. Lauren Book with explicit photos").


Together the Books have drawn the ire of some Floridians

Derek Logue is a convicted sex offender. Logue started and operates a blog, Floridians for Freedom, educating the public on the activities of the Books and advocating against sex offender registration laws. He has also organized protests against Lauren Book and her activities.

Lauren Book went to court and obtained a restraining order against Logue. Logue appealed to the Fourth District Court of Appeal where a three-judge appellate panel of experienced judges unanimously overturned the restraining order, finding Logue’s conduct protected under the U.S. Constitution. Book, not to be deterred and certainly not happy with being slammed by the three-judge panel, then sought En Banc review by all the judges in the Fourth District Court of Appeal. Logue won that round too in Derek Warren Logue v. Lauren Francis Book. Book, still unhappy and not certainly about to lose to a sex offender, then sought review in the Florida Supreme Court, seeking to overturn the En Banc opinion and decision by the Fourth District. Not only did the Florida Supreme Court decline to review the En Banc decision by the Fourth District Court of Appeal, the Florida Supreme Court also stated it would not entertain a motion for rehearing by Book. Thus, it was three strikes and you’re out for Lauren Book, losing her legal battle against a sex offender who merely exercised a federally protected constitutional right, just like Mr. Perrot is doing with writing a book and exposing a State Attorney’s Office as dirty, crooked and corrupt and its witnesses as liars and false accusers.

If Lauren Book cannot respect a person’s constitutional rights, even those of a sex offender, she has no business being a state senator.

The same can be said of State Attorney Bruce Bartlett.

It’s people like Lauren Book and her father, Ron Book, who whip the legislators, media, and public into a frenzy by their false claims about sex offenders, including their false claims of sex offenders’ risk to the public, and their totally unsupported and false claims of rates of recidivism. If they were not able to do this Senator Book would probably be working in a fast food restaurant somewhere while her attorney father would probably be chasing ambulances for a living.

What some of Mr. Perrot’s documents show

During a 2005 post-conviction evidentiary hearing in Mr. Perrot’s criminal case, members of the State Attorney’s Office revealed that they had been feeding facts and information about Perrot’s criminal case to his former wives and girlfriends and briefing each of them on what each other was saying. This went on from the inception of the case up to the start of trial. Prosecutors claimed that they were trained to do this. According to Perrot, this is what allowed his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends to fabricate allegations of rape against him which the State Attorney then, knowing that they were false, used to convict him and which are now being used by State Attorney Bartlett to try and civilly commit him. (Click and read the Introduction for more information).

In spite of all these allegations by these former wives and girlfriends, the State Attorney has never been able to produce any police reports or other paperwork where these allegations were ever reported or investigated, in spite of the fact that at least one of Perrot’s former wives has sworn, under oath, that Perrot broke into her residence and raped her 30 times in Akron and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; that she reported each burglary and rape to police; and that Perrot was arrested each time but was never prosecuted. From there her testimony becomes even more unbelievable as she later testified that Perrot broke into her residence and raped her 300 times and claimed that Perrot was never arrested because he was never present when police arrived. She also testified that police were afraid to go and arrest Perrot because they were afraid he would “come back and finish the job;” and that her complaints to the Summit County, Ohio Prosecutor went ignored. According to this ex-wife, the Ohio prosecutor told her that she was still Mr. Perrot’s “property” even though she and Mr. Perrot were divorced and that he would not prosecute Mr. Perrot because Perrot worked for his security company.

It is amazing that this ex-wife expects anyone to believe this story. Yet Bartlett and his “experts” just eat it up faster than a child eats candy.

A criminal records check in Ohio fails to tum up any arrest for Perrot for any burglary or rape, a records check with the Summit County Prosecutor fails to produce any records pertaining to where Perrot’s ex-wife ever talked to the prosecutor, and a records check for police reports in Akron and Cuyahoga Falls fails to tum up any police reports where this former wife ever called police and reported that Perrot broke into her residence and raped her. In fact, not a single police report can be located anywhere where this former wife called police on Mr. Perrot for anything. State Attorney Bartlett knows this, yet he is still using this witness against Perrot as a supposed victim, knowing she is committing perjury.

It is these documents, and others, that Jakovich wanted Judge Levine to order Mr. Perrot to dispose of.


The State Attorney looks to file criminal charges against Mr. Perrot.

Assistant State Attorney Christie Ellis told Judge Levine on November 10th that the State Attorney was looking to file criminal charges against Mr. Perrot under Florida Statute 794.03 for publishing the names of Meek-Sellars and George-Baker, and was looking to file a Motion for a Protective Order pursuant to Florida Statute 914.24 because Perrot was harassing the victims. A violation of section 794.03 is a second degree misdemeanor.

Post hearing Mr. Perrot said, “If the State Attorney’s Office thinks it can create liars and false accusers and then hide them behind a Florida Statute so that they can cover up their illegal, unethical and corrupt acts and the perjured testimony they need to think again. That’s not going to happen. It’s merely another example of just how corrupt Bruce Bartlett really is.

“Any criminal charges would simply result in yet more publicity for my website and book so I welcome any charges that Bartlett thinks he can dream up against me. It will be just another instance where Bartlett tries to cover up and deflect from his dirty, crooked, corrupt, illegal and unethical acts.”

Neither Ellis nor Jakovich ever told Judge Levine the website promoted Perrot’s book, never told Judge Levine the name of Perrot’s book, and never told Judge Levine that the book and website exposed Bartlett and his cronies as being dirty, crooked and corrupt. Yet it was clear that State Attorney Bartlett, through ASA Ellis and attorney Robert Jakovich, was trying to get Judge Levine to order Perrot to take down his website, quite possibly in order for Bartlett to cover up his illegal, unethical and corrupt acts as described in part on the website and which will be featured in the book Stratagems of the Devil. In sum, Ellis and Jakovich failed to reveal material facts to Judge Levine. This may have very well violated the Rules that Govern the Florida Bar. In other words their actions and lack of actions may have been illegal.

During the ambush by Bartlett/Ellis and Jakovich, Perrot told Judge Levine numerous times that he did nothing illegal. Judge Levine didn’t seem to care though, and didn’t seem to believe Perrot. Because Perrot did not receive proper notice of this hearing, Perrot was unprepared to marshal evidence to support his claim that he did nothing against the law and show that Bartlett and Attorney Robert Jakovich were misleading the court.

“All Assistant State Attorney Christie Ellis and Attorney Robert Jakovich did was cry like a baby to Judge Levine,” Perrot said after the hearing. “The only thing missing was a little dress, bonnet, diaper and a pacifier for them to suck on.”

Another reason it may be hard to charge Perrot with a violation of section 794.03 is because that statute has previously been declared unconstitutional.

Perrot is still waiting for Bartlett to charge him with a violation of Florida Statute 794.03 and file a motion for protection under Florida Statute 914.24.

Perrot said he expects that hell will freeze over long before that happens.


The State Attorney may have a hard time charging Mr. Perrot with a criminal offense

Attorneys are presumed to be competent under the law. This is because a person must graduate from a university with a 4-year degree and then must attend and successfully graduate four years of law school. From there they must pass a bar exam to become licensed. Thus, it is presumed that Bartlett, Ellis and Jakovich are competent and presumed they knew the facts and the law before they cried to Judge Levine.

In this case they may have been incompetent or they may have knowingly lied to and mislead a Pinellas County Circuit Court Judge.

Mr. Perrot filed at least two separate lawsuits against Juanita Meek/Sellars in Pinellas County, Florida in 1996. In pro se answers to those lawsuits filed by Meek, Meek identified herself as a rape victim. In other words, Meek publicly self-identified as a rape victim. In Orders issued by the Pinellas County courts in those cases, the courts used Ms. Meek’s name instead of her initials and the Clerk of Court never redacted Meek’s name from any certified copies of public records that Perrot obtained from those cases. Thus, Meek, the court, and the clerk publicly made Meek’s name known as an alleged rape victim. Meek furnished copies of the documents to the Pinellas County State Attorney in 1996. During Perrot’s criminal proceedings ASA Robert Lewis stated, on the record, that he was aware that Perrot had filed the lawsuits. Thus, State Attorney Bartlett, Assistant State Attorney Christie Ellis, and Attorney Robert Jakovich knew or reasonably should have known about these documents.

In a denial of Perrot’s Motion for Postconviction Relief which was filed in his criminal case, the Pinellas County Circuit Court used the names of Juanita Meek, Elizabeth George and Perrot’s other former wives and girlfriends throughout the denial instead of using their initials. Additionally, that same court attached court records to the denial without redacting their names. These documents were furnished to the State Attorney by the court.

In a State Response to Order To Show Cause filed by Bartlett’s Office in Perrot’s criminal case, Bartlett attached portions of court records to his Response in an attempt to get the court to deny Perrot’s claims for relief. Bartlett never redacted any names thereby making the names a matter of public record.

In an Appellate Court Answer Brief filed by the State on November 27, 2006 the Attorney General for the State of Florida used Juanita Meek’s name and not her initials throughout the Brief.

And here’s the real kicker: The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta, Georgia issued a written opinion in 2012 in Perrot’s Federal Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus case, wherein the three-judge panel (Chief Judge Pryor, Senior Judge Edmondson and Judge Fay) used the names of Juanita Meek and Elizabeth George throughout the opinion. (Opinion can be found at and PDF downloaded here). The Attorney General, representing the State of Florida, moved that court for a rehearing arguing as its sole reason for rehearing that the court used the name of Juanita Meek as a victim, claiming that her initials should be used instead. The Attorney General never even mentioned the name of Elizabeth George as a victim in that Motion, thus conceding George was not a victim because George never reported her allegations to police and there was never a conviction where Perrot ever raped George. (See Attorney General's Motion for Rehearing).

The State’s Motion for Rehearing was denied(See the Federal Court Denial). The opinion was subsequently published online by and by

If a person were to Google “Gary Perrot,’’ one of the top five hits contains a link to that federal court opinion. Thus, the world learned long ago, and in multiple ways, that Juanita Meek and Elizabeth George were supposedly victims of rape.

Further, Bartlett furnished Mr. Perrot a copy of this exact federal court decision/opinion through discovery in Perrot’s civil commitment case.

State Attorney Bruce Bartlett, as well as Assistant State Attorney Christie Ellis, has access to this paperwork and, in some cases, already possess these documents. Additionally, Bartlett, Ellis and Jakovich have access to the Internet and must be well aware of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals opinion posted on it and that it was not posted by Mr. Perrot; it was posted by and by Thus Bartlett, Ellis and Jakovich were well aware that the names of Meek and George were made public by the federal court as far back as 2012.

According to Florida law, once the public knows the name of a rape victim through the victim’s self-identification, or through any other means, any statutory prohibitions on publishing or republishing the name does not apply. This was made clear in the case of The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Tampa Tribune, WFLA-TV News Channel 8, and The Herald vs. State of Florida and Joseph P. Smith. There, the Second District Court of Appeal for the State of Florida said that practically everyone in the country knew that Carlie Brucia was murdered and was the victim of a sexual offense and held that “at this point no public records can be held to be secret because it might reveal the well-known fact that Carlie Brucia was the victim of a sexual offense.” In other words, said the district court of appeal, “statutory exemptions from disclosure under the Public Records Act do not apply if information has already been made public.”

In sum, any claim that Perrot violated Florida Statute 794.03 was frivolous at the time State Attorney Bartlett, through Assistant State Attorney Christie Ellis made it to Judge Levine. Thus, Bartlett, through Ellis, and even Attorney Jakovich made serious misrepresentations to Judge Levine clearly designed to prejudice the judge against Mr. Perrot.

In 1996, during Mr. Perrot’s criminal proceedings, the State Attorney promised Perrot’s ex-wives and girlfriends their location and address would be kept secret if they testified against Perrot. Now Perrot plans to link and publish the home address, place of employment and other information related to these liars and false accusers. Linking and publishing this information can be done because it was culled from readily available public records and Internet searches. Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal has indicated that no privacy laws or confidentiality restrictions are violated where information obtained from sources, such as public records, is republished. Thus, the State Attorney lied and made false promises to these individuals in order to get them to testify falsely against Perrot.

“The public has a right to know who in their communities are liars and false accusers and where they live and work,” said Perrot. “It is by their own words that reveal Meek, George and my other former wives and girlfriends and other individuals have lied and have falsely accused me.”

Mr. Perrot has also done nothing to meet the statutory requirements in order for Bartlett to seek, much less have issued, a protective order under Florida Statute 914.24.

Mr. Perrot has harassed no one; he merely published something on the World Wide Web promoting a book he is writing for publication, both of which he can legally do. It was apparently Meek and George who discovered the website while Googling Perrot’s name. Perrot did not contact them and has no desire to ever have contact with them, he did not threaten them, and he did not have anyone else contact them, threaten them or cause anyone else to contact or threaten them. Additionally, any restraining order that might issue would amount to a prior restraint on Perrot’s First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Any reasonably competent attorney would know this. Apparently, Bruce Bartlett and Robert Jakovich doesn’t, or they do and still went ahead with the hearing.

Because one must conclude that Bartlett, Ellis and Jakovich are competent and already knew that Meek self-identified as a rape victim in public records and already knew what has been made public and what the law is, the only conclusion left to be made is that this is just another instance which demonstrates that Bartlett is dirty, crooked and corrupt and is now retaliating against Mr. Perrot because Perrot exercised a federally protected constitutional right to freedom of speech. It would appear that Attorney Robert Jakovich and Wellpath Recovery Solutions may be doing the same.


Speaking of public records, the State now has another problem

According to Mr. Perrot, the night Juanita Meek and Mr. Perrot acted out one of Meek’s sexual fantasies and she then accused Perrot of raping her, Perrot took photographs of the encounter. According to Perrot, Juanita Meek told Perrot she wanted the photos taken for later use as a source of sexual arousal when she masturbated. The police seized nine of those photos from Perrot’s apartment during Mr. Perrot’s criminal proceedings. Bruce Bartlett recently served Notice that he had those photos and indicated that he was going to use the photos in Perrot’s upcoming civil commitment trial.

During Perrot’s criminal trial the State Attorney only entered one photo into evidence which was a photo showing Juanita Meek tied naked to the bed, her legs in the air tied to the headboard, spread wide, with everything visible. The State Attorney argued this photo corroborated Meek’s claim she was raped and showed that Ms. Meek as helpless.

This time, if Bartlett doesn’t enter all the photos, Perrot says he will certainly do so. Perrot says his reason for doing so is simple: While some of the photos show Meek tied both hands and feet to the bed, other photos show Meek with only her hands bound to the bed and her feet/legs completely free. One particular photo shows Ms. Meek, the woman who claims Perrot raped her, coming out of the bathroom completely naked, walking under her own power, not tied to anything and, in fact, her arms and legs are completely untied and free. According to Perrot, all the photos, when viewed and considered together, will support that Ms. Meek is a liar and false accuser and will support Perrot’s claims that she was not raped and that Perrot suffers from no mental abnormality or personality disorder which makes him dangerous.

Here’s another point: By entering all the photos into evidence the photos will then become public record and, because Meek self-identified as a rape victim and the federal court used Juanita Meek’s name in its opinion, her name became widely known as an alleged rape victim. Under Florida law the photos, once entered into evidence at trial, will be available for public viewing by minimally, members of the news media pursuant to the case of The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Tampa Tribune, WFLA-TV News Channel 8, and The Herald vs. State of Florida and Joseph P. Smith. By allowing members of the public to view them it will ensure that any descriptions given during trial, on the record, are accurate. Thus, people will see for themselves Juanita Meek naked and in all her glory.


The cost of committing Mr. Perrot

There are people in society who are walking into schools and into shopping malls and shooting, killing and injuring people, so much so that mass shooting casualty events are commonplace. There are people driving drunk and traveling the wrong way on interstates and roadways causing accidents resulting in numerous fatalities and injuries. People are stabbing people, robbing people, burglarizing people’s homes. Tornados decimate portions of our country killing and injuring hundreds. All of these actions cost people and taxpayers millions of dollars per year in damages, injuries, lost wages, higher insurance premiums, lost business revenue, and other losses. And State Attorney Bruce Bartlett is worried about and trying to civilly commit a 65-year-old great grandfather who has finished his criminal sentence?


People who have done a lot of worse things than what Mr. Perrot was accused of doing have been set free from prison and the civil commitment at the Florida Civil Commitment Center.

Take John Waterman, for instance.

Waterman was convicted of raping and murdering one woman and raping another.

Waterman did less prison time than Perrot did and spent less time at the FCCC than Perrot has. Waterman was set free in 2020 at age 54. (See the Herald Tribune story on Waterman, “Sarasota murderer and rapist to be released after serving 44% of his sentence”). Perrot served his sentence plus additional years at the FCCC.

And Bartlett is worried about Perrot? Why? Could it be that Bartlett does not want the truth to be told? Could it be that Bartlett must save face and carry through with the promises made to his liars and false accusers?

It’s something to think about.

Even assuming everything the State alleges Mr. Perrot did was true, considering Perrot’s age and other factors Perrot’s recidivism risk is nil pursuant to the latest research. Bartlett knows this. Thus, committing Mr. Perrot serves no legitimate purpose. Bartlett knows this too.

Bartlett’s actions should anger anyone with common sense.

“If Bartlett had done the right thing and released me from prison and let me get on with my life, or would have settled this case, everyone would have gone on with their lives long ago, unencumbered, and without being exposed on my website and in my upcoming book,” said Perrot. “I would have been a productive, taxpaying member of society until I retired at which time I would be enjoying my retirement on some lake somewhere in another State with fishing pole in the water, not caring much if I caught something or not, and Florida taxpayers would have saved over $400,000 thus far trying to civilly commit me. But Bartlett did not want that, and my ex-wives and ex-girlfriends can thank Bartlett and his minions for the fact that they are now being exposed as liars and false accusers.”


Naming more liars and false accusers

Perrot said, “Twenty-six years of fighting a dirty, crooked and corrupt State Attorney’s Office is enough.”

In response to Robert Jakovich and Bruce Bartlett’s Dog and Pony Show by Ambush soon, very soon, said Perrot, he will be identifying another liar and false accuser by name and will set forth her lies and false accusations on his website.

Perrot said he will also soon be releasing documentation showing where the State Attorney contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families’ Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) and its evaluators in an attempt to influence their decision to recommend commitment before Perrot was even evaluated by any state evaluators. Of course, after that contact the MDT then recommended commitment and the state attorney then filed the Petition to commit Perrot. He could not have done so without the affirmative recommendation from the MDT.

Perrot said he also has additional upcoming plans but he did not elaborate.

Perrot concluded, “If State Attorney Bruce Bartlett doesn’t like what I am doing he is welcome to try and stop me. The same goes for Robert Jakovich, Juanita Meek/Sellars, Elizabeth George/Baker and anyone else. And there is still more to come. As long as I operate within the law there is nothing anyone can do. And that is what the State and Wellpath want people to do is it not? Operate within the law? They may not like what I am doing but they can’t stop it. They have no basis in law for doing so.”

Mr. Perrot makes a good point.

Significantly no one was sworn and gave testimony during the hearing. No one entered any documentary evidence. All Assistant State Attorney Christie Ellis and Wellpath corporate attorney Robert Jakovich did was complain to Judge Levine. It was a sad example at an attempt at justice.

And Judge Levine knew it.

The bottom line

Maybe the most significant thing that came out of the ambush against Mr. Perrot by Bruce Bartlett and Wellpath attorney Robert Jakovich was something that wasn’t said.

No one - not State Attorney Bruce Bartlett, not ASA Kendall Davidson, not ASA Christie Ellis, not Wellpath corporate attorney Robert Jakovich, not Wellpath FCCC Security Director Jon Carner, and not Juanita Meek-Sellars, Elizabeth George-Baker or any of Mr. Perrot’s other ex-wives and ex-girlfriends - ever came forward and asserted or alleged that what was posted on Mr. Perrot’s website was not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

No one!

The only concern was that Mr. Perrot went public and how he managed to do so.

That is certainly something to think about. 

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