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My name is Gary L. Perrot. I was born in September, 1956 in Akron, Ohio. I live in Florida now. I have lived here since 1980.

Florida is not as nice as you might think. If you're thinking about moving here you should think again. If you still want to move here after thinking again you should see a psychiatrist. If you already live here you should move to another State. You will see why later when you read the Introduction.

I am a straight, white male. I consider myself to be a caring, understanding, open-minded individual with a sense of humor.

I used to have brown hair. A lot of it. Of course that's when I was younger.

Much younger.

I am a United States Air Force, Vietnam War Veteran. I have worked as a private investigator. I have worked as an on-air personality, news director and program director for a number of radio stations. At one time I had my own column in a medium market newspaper. I have also owned my own transportation business. And I tried my hand at politics when I ran for an elected office. Unfortunately I lost. I did all that when I was younger too.

At one time I had a good life. I owned a house, a new car, and had a boat I kept in a marina. I was married to a beautiful woman and had wonderful little girl. All that started to change in 1992. By 1993 I was divorced. That's when I started getting old.

I have been single for the past 25 plus years thanks to Juanita Meek. Juanita Meek was my girlfriend for 21 months after I got divorced. The last time I got laid was by her on Christmas night, 1995. The next day she strolled into a police station and accused me of kidnapping and raping her.

Merry Christmas.

I went to trial and was convicted and sentenced to four natural life sentences thanks to the corrupt prosecutors in the Pinellas County, Florida State Attorney's Office. I started getting real old real fast after that.

It took me ten years to get those life sentences overturned. I was then resentenced to 259 months in the Florida Department of Corrections. I was looking forward to getting out, leaving Florida and going on with my life. But remember those corrupt Pinellas County prosecutors? My release was not to be.

At the end of my 259 month sentence the corrupt Pinellas County, Florida State Attorney's Office filed a petition to have me civilly committed to a secure facility indefinitely as a sexually violent predator. A secure facility is just fancy name for a Florida prison. They call it a shadow prison. They call it a shadow prison because it is run by the Florida Department of Children and Families instead of the Florida Department of Corrections. The name of this shadow prison is the Florida Civil Commitment Center at Arcadia, Florida. It is also known as the Florida Communist Concentration Camp. Either way it's the FCCC.

The FCCC looks just like a Florida prison. Two high, chain-link fences lined with razor wire surround the facility. The fences have electronic sensors on and between the them. There are cameras inside and outside of the facility that watch everything.

The facility serves the same prison food and has the same prison rules as a Florida Department of Corrections prison. There are the same prison colors with the same prison furnishings. There are even the same handcuffs with the same leg irons and the same belly chains. Everything is the same but with a new twist: psychological torture.

Kristin Kanner is the Director of the Florida Department of Children and Families Sexually Violent Predator Program and is responsible for everything that takes place at the shadow prison. The FCCC.

Think about that for a minute. I completed my prison sentence, did my time, and now the same State Attorney's Office which tried and convicted me and initially put me in prison under four natural life sentences, which I finally managed to get overturned, is now trying another tactic to put me in another prison without me even committing another crime. You might want to ask yourself why. 

That case is pending.

Welcome to Florida. Still want to come here? It could happen to you.

I continue to get old.

It is boring where I am now living. The hobbies I had at one time I no longer have; they are but memories and dreams. The friends I had at one time are all gone; they have abandoned me, moved away or died. My parents died while I was in prison; l could not be there for them in the final years of their life. Most of my other family members have also died. My children want nothing to do with me.

I have now been confined for over 25 years based upon false allegations and misconduct perpetrated by corrupt law enforcement officers and corrupt prosecutors. If you think I am kidding, or would like to read a short summary of how that happened and why prosecutors are still trying to keep me in prison, click the button labeled "Introduction."

Go ahead. I dare you. Click the button labeled Introduction. Then, hang on to your seat. You're in for one hellava ride.

Copyright © 2021 by Gary L. Perrot
All Rights Reserved.
Copying or reproduction by any means is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Gary L. Perrot.

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