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March 10, 2022

The Following is Being Published as a Public Service...

The following information is being published as a public service.

MeToo False Accuser


Last Name:


First Name:


Middle Name:



Also Known As (AKA):

Elizabeth Muir, Elizabeth Perrot, Elizabeth George, Beth






Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Weight (lbs.):















Date of Birth:

May 8, 1967


Last Known Address:

105 Cinnamon Road, Thorofare, West Deptford, New Jersey


Previous Addresses:

2805 39th Street West, Bradenton, Florida
5400 West 26th Street, Apt. H116, Bradenton, Florida


Last Known Employer:

Begley Law Group, Morrestown, New Jersey


Known False Accusations Include:

Rape, Armed Rape, Stalking, Armed Burglary, Attempted Murder with a Firearm


Evidence Used to Determine Allegations to be False:

Depositions, Trial Transcripts, Police Reports, State Attorney Statements and Notes, Baker’s own words, Witnesses



Elizabeth Baker is considered by some to be one of the most vile, vicious and vindictive liars and MeToo false accusers to have ever walk the face of the Earth. As far as can be determined, the Begley Law Group, Baker's last known employer is a fine, upstanding law firm which provides professional legal services. Confidence is high that the Begley Law Group did not know at the time of hiring Elizabeth Baker that she was a liar and MeToo false accuser.



Copyright © 2022 by Gary L. Perrot
All Rights Reserved.
Copying or reproduction by any means is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Gary L. Perrot.



  1. I hope no one is falling for this man’s lies. He has destroyed multiple womens lives. You sir are not a man. You are the true definition of not only a sexual predator but also a sociopath. You make me sick that you get off I’m not only the sexual deviances that you have done to them but challenging these innocent women to relive it over and over again.

    1. See the detailed response to the following comment.

  2. It’s even sadder that your approval is needed to comment on here which just goes to show that you are the guilty party

    1. I am sorry that you think and feel the way you do but briefly:
      You state that you, “Hope that no one is falling for this man’s lies,” yet you fail to cite to a single instance where I falsely accused someone of something. So, I will tell you what I will do. You provide your legal name, make a list detailing each and every lie and false allegation I’ve made on this website, and provide me with legitimate and verifiable documentation showing it’s a lie or false allegation (send it to my email address, and not only will I publish it if it is authentic, I’ll also publicly apologize to you or whoever I falsely accused. Of course, there is a flip side to this. For everything you cannot prove is a lie or false allegation, you automatically admit it’s the truth. If you refuse to take me up on my offer, then you, by default, admit everything is true. So, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and put up or shut up. You have 30 days from the date of this response to do so. I suggest you get started.

      A couple of more things:
      I am not the one making “these innocent women” (as you so dearly and with bias refer to them) relive anything. It is the prosecutors, not me, who are forcing “these innocent women” to go to trial and relive whatever you think it is they must relive. So, blame the prosecutors, not me. You also post your comments from “Unknown” yet you accuse me the “guilty party”? I have nothing to hide. Apparently, you do. As to your comment that I do not allow comments to be posted without approving them that is true. I do this in case I get a comment from someone like you who hides behind anonymous and refuses to take ownership for their comments, and also in case I want to post a response—that way the comment and my response appear at the same time. I assure you I will post all comments, good or bad, from identifiable and legitimate sources, but not the ones I get from unknown Internet trolls like you.

      The only reason I decided to post your anonymous comments is that I wanted to give you an opportunity to identify and prove what you assert are lies and false allegations, and to let you and others know they cannot hide behind ‘anonymous’ if they want their comments posted. Finally, if you are this upset over my website then you are going to be really, really, really livid when the book comes out.


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