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November 9, 2021

Juanita Meek-Sellars Reveals State Attorney's Reason For Attempting to Civilly Commit Mr. Perrot

August 10, 2018: Deposition of Juanita Meek (aka Juanita Sellars)

In addition to what I have set forth in the "Introduction" to Stratagems of the Devil, on August 10, 2018, I deposed Juanita Meek, who is now known as Juanita Sellars, of Bradenton, Florida via Skype. In that deposition Meek stated that just the day before the deposition she had contact with my third ex-wife, Elizabeth George, who now goes by the name of Elizabeth Baker, of Thorofare, West Deptford, New Jersey. (Remember, both Meek and George were witnesses against me in my criminal trial. Click the button labeled "Introduction" and read for further information).

I asked Meek in that 2018 Skype deposition what that contact consisted of.

Meek responded that she told ·Beth that she met with Assistant State Attorney Kendall Davidson to "just discuss how [Ms. Meek] was doing." I didn't believe that for a minute.

I then asked Ms. Meek when the contact with Elizabeth George took place to which Ms. Meek answered, "Afterwards." That meant Meek contacted George directly after Meek spoke to ASA Davidson.


I asked Ms. Meek what the conversation with Kendall Davidson consisted of. Meek responded, "Just what's coming. What's happening now."

Yeah, sure it did. In a pig's eye. Juanita Meek was lying. Again.

Something wasn't sitting well with me regarding what those conversations had consisted of. Meek was being evasive in her answers so I asked her, "What specifically did you talk to Elizabeth about?"

Juanita Meek answered, "I don't want to talk to you about what my conversations are."

Ah. Bingo!

I pressed on, telling Juanita Meek she had to answer the questions, as Kendall Davidson sat there all puckered up, like a bout with diarrhea was about to break through his asshole before he could get to a bathroom.

Meek squirmed in her chair and finally blurted out, "Okay. We talked about what a psychopath you are. We talked about what an evil person you are."

Interesting. This conversation between Meek and George took place just after the conversation between ASA Davidson and Juanita Meek.

I asked again, "Specifically, what did you talk about?" Meek answered, ''Things in that vein."

This was worse than pulling teeth. Meek was clearly trying to evade answering and was trying to change the line of questioning. I pressed on.

I asked again, "Specifically, what did you talk about?" Juanita Meek answered, "I don't recall verbatim."

Apparently Ms. Meek was experiencing memory problems as to what occurred just the day before. Could it be Alzheimer's?

I changed tactics, and changed the subject, asking Ms. Meek, "When you talked to Kendall Davidson yesterday, or at any time prior to yesterday, did you talk about putting me away?"

Meek answered, "Did I talk about what?"

There was surprise in Meek's voice. She clearly wasn't expecting the abrupt change.

I asked again, "Putting me away. Putting Mr. Perrot away?"

Meek, in her typical attempts to avoid a straight answer, stated, "You already are away."

I told Meek that was not an answer to the question and asked nicely, "Please answer the question."

Meek, wanting time to think of an answer, or maybe she was experiencing memory problems again, or maybe she wanted Kendall Davidson to jump up and object to my line of questioning, asked me to repeat the question again. So I did: "When you talked to Kendall, or anyone else from the State Attorney's Office here, did you talk about putting me away?"

My line of questioning was to see if Kendall Davidson had attempted to influence the testimony of Juanita Meek or Elizabeth George.

Juanita Meek, once again, in her typical fashion to avoid a direct answer stated, "I think more correctly would be keeping you put away."

If she was trying to be a smartass it did not work. The problem with her answer was it just let the cat out of the bag and I knew then that Kendall Davidson had spoken with Meek and attempted to influence, if not her testimony then certainly her involvement in the case against me. And the most telling, and chilling, part of that answer was Juanita Meek's statement, "keeping you put away." Clearly Bruce Bartlett the State Attorney, and Kendall Davidson his Assistant State Attorney, wanted to use civil commitment as punishment to put me away for the rest of my life, something the State Attorney could not do through criminal sentencing. (Click and read the Introduction for further details). But civil commitment is not supposed to be used for punishment, its use is supposed to be solely for treatment until the mental abnormality or personality disorder has so changed that it is safe to be released. Yet Bartlett and Davidson are using it, not for treatment but for further punishment! Like I have been saying they are dirty, crooked and corrupt!

I then asked Ms. Meek, "All right. Did you talk about that?"

Ms. Meek, still trying to avoid a direct, affirmative answer stated, . "Possibly."

Possibly? Was Juanita Meek stupid? Did she really think I wouldn't jump on that answer like a bulldog going after a dog bone?

I pounced. "What did you talk about [with Kendall Davidson]?" I asked.

Juanita Meek answered, "The fact that you need to be - that you will hurt people. That you hurt people."

Bruce Bartlett and Kendall Davidson are very clearly seeking further punishment.

I asked, "Who did I hurt?"

Juanita Meek answered, "Destroy lives."

Ah, she said "lives," a plural answer. That was interesting.

I asked, "Who did I hurt? Specifically who did you talk about I hurt?"

Meek answered with one word, "Me." But me was not a plural so I pressed on asking, "And who else?"

Meek again answered with just one word, "Beth."

Ah, Beth, my ex-wife. Apparently Juanita Meek and Elizabeth George have been thick as thieves. Lying thick as thieves. Perjuring co-defendants to the end. So I asked, "Who else?"

Juanita Meek answered, "I don't recall."

Meek was having memory problems, again, related to the conversations she had just the day before. Time to get specific. Maybe I could jog her memory, or what was left of it.

I asked, "Did you talk [to Kendall Davidson] about keeping me off the streets?"

Meek answered, "I don't recall."

Back to the memory problems. But this memory problem was interesting since Juanita Meek had, just moments ago, stated at least in part, what she and Kendall Davidson had talked about. Remember Meek just said, "I think more correctly would be keeping you put away." The further punishment conversation, "keeping you put away."

Time to change course, shake things up a bit. I asked, "What about your conversation with Elizabeth, did you talk about putting me away, or keeping me off the streets with her?"

Juanita Meek answered, "Possibly."

What kind of an answer is possibly? I needed to find out so I asked, "Are you not sure that you did or do you want to evade the question?"

Meek answered, "Yeah, repeat the question." So I did to which Juanita Meek responded, "Yes."

I then asked, "What were the specifics of the conversation [between you and Elizabeth]?"

Meek answered, "That's what's needed, that's where you need to be so that you don't hurt other people."

Interesting answer. Everyone is talking about further punishment.

Clearly Meek and George also consider themselves to be MeToo advocates. It's too bad that they are really MeToo liars and false accusers.

I asked Meek what her conversations with Elizabeth consisted of at other times when she spoke to Elizabeth.

Meek answered, "I don't recall."

Memory problems again. I told her, "Why don't you take a minute and think about it."

After sitting in silence for a while, squirming like a worm on the end of a fishing hook, Meek answered, "Conversations about you."

No kidding!

I said to Ms. Meek, "Continue, I'm listening." Meek responded, "I don't recall."

Perhaps Ms. Meek's advanced age is bringing with it a certain amount of selective dementia. One minute she knew what was talked about, the next minute she did not.

I was tired of playing Juanita Meek's game and I discontinued the line of questioning. Clearly she was covering something up, no doubt more to do with ASA Kendall Davidson and the State Attorney's attempts to influence herself and Elizabeth George and their attempts at further punishment and to put me away for the rest of my life through the scam of civil commitment. Now I understand more fully why the need for a hired gun psychiatrist for the State.

Should Meek have a miraculous recovery of her memory at trial Juanita Meek would be in for one hellava surprise.

One thing was clear from that line of questioning though. Assistant State Attorney Kendall Davidson had talked with Juanita Meek and tried to influence her into participating in this civil commitment trial, tried to get her to participate by telling her how dangerous he thought I was and how I needed to be put away, and tried to influence her testimony. Juanita Meek then contacted Elizabeth George and briefed her on what Kendall Davidson had said. No doubt something that Davidson wanted Meek to do.

Sound familiar?

It's the same thing that happened in my criminal trial. Click the button labeled "Introduction" and read that to see what I mean.

One thing appeared certain: Juanita Meek clearly did not want to divulge the details of those conversations she had with ASA Kendall Davidson, and with Elizabeth George my ex-wife and Meek's fellow false accuser, probably on the instructions of ASA Kendall Davidson. It was obviously a cover up. An attempt to thwart my efforts at discovery. A blatant attempt by Kendall Davidson and the State Attorney's Office to hinder the proper administration of justice.

But why?

The answer was dear: They were using the civil commitment proceedings to try and put me away for the rest of my life.

Chickenshit bastards!

Copyright © 2022 by Gary L. Perrot
All Rights Reserved.
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